Ph. D. in Education, University of Montreal (2020-) In progress
Under the supervision of Normand Roy, Ph. D.
The adoption of AI-based learning tools among teachers from elementary school to university

M.A. in Instructional design, Laval University (2016-2018)
Under the supervision of Margarida Romero, Ph. D. and Lucie DeBlois, Ph. D. [Download the master thesis]
School engagement in the activity of computer programming and computational thinking.
Honour List of the Laval University

B. Ed. High school teaching, Université Laval (2012-2016)
History & geography


Mitacs intern, Université Côte d’Azur, France (May-August 2022)
Designing and conducting an ethnomethodology project at the Maison de l’intelligence artificielle in Sophia Antipolis. Ground observations of scientific vulgarization practices, research interviews with key stakeholders.

Lecturer, Laval University (2017-…)
TEN-7030 Artificial intelligence in education (Autumn 2022)
TEN-7006 Learning systems design (Autumn 2021, autumn 2022)
TEN-6101 Teaching and learning through digital media (Winter 2022) [View course material]
TEN-2901 Pedagogical uses of ICT in K-12 (Autumn 2017-2019)

Instructional designer, Laval University (2020-2022)
Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences
Teacher’s support and training. Curriculum development (consumer studies, agronomy, nutrition). Helping teachers move to online courses in the period 2020-2022.

Research assistant (2021-2022)
University of Quebec in Montreal

Systematic review of the literature on risks related to AI for education. Prof. Simon Collin.

Professional in digital education, Ministry of Education and Higher Education of Quebec (2018-2020)
Digital Action Plan implementation’s team

Computer programming instructor, Kids Code Jeunesse (2018)

Research assistant, Laval University (2016-2018)
Project CoCreaTIC, under the supervision of Margarida Romero

Programmer, Laval University(2016-2018)
Co-DOT research lab, School of Psychology, under the supervision of Sébastien Tremblay

High school teacher, Séminaire St-François (2016)

Guide, Ville de Lévis (2013-2015)
National historic site of the AC Davie shipyard

Freelancer in Web development (2007-2014)

Professional development

Introduction to Artificial Intelligence (AI)
MOOC on Coursera, completed on 09/07/2020


Node.js, PHP, HTML5/CSS, java, Libreoffice, MS Office/Office 365, GNU/Linux (Debian-based), MySQL, PgSQL, Neo4j.